Plastic Straws are bad for the environment

Plastic straws are becoming a thing of the past since their first use in the 1960s they were considered hip. Today more than ever we need to be more earth conscience and switch over to stainless steel straws. Plastic straws are filling up our landfills every day. Did you know that in the landfills alone, that one individual could use a different plastic straw from the landfills, every day of their life and after life for more than 1,250 years!! Plastic straws break down and degrade very slowly and the chemical make up releases toxins that get into your body and in the atmosphere and also harm the ocean. So join us by saying NO to plastic straws and join the battle to save the ecosystem one step at a time by using stainless steel straws provided by

Just in time for the holidays, gifts and your New Year’s Eve party! Stainless steel straws are money saving and keeps plastic out of landfills.  These straws are incredibly environmentally friendly compared to the plastic straws that are thrown away after a single usage. Stainless steel straws can be used an infinite amount of times and come with a special brush to ensure cleanup is quick and efficient. These straws are non-toxic ecological alternatives to plastic straws. Easy to clean, reusable, BPA free, rust free, dishwasher safe, and safe for those 12 years old and up and no metal taste. Be Humble Be Happy stainless steel straws include a set of 6 Eco Friendly 18/8 food grade stainless steel straws which are perfectly bent and come with two cleaning wands.


Six bent stainless steel straws

This pack of six stainless steel straws is approximately 8.5 inches long and bend at the 6 inch Mark. The opening is 1/4 inch. Perfect for your drinks, tea, smoothies, alcoholic beverages, protein milkshakes, coffee, and more.

By purchasing these stainless steel straws for yourself and for gifts for the upcoming holiday seasons you are doing your share to help save the environment one straw at a time and we appreciate you.

Launching after December 1st on their site will also carry longer straight straws that are 10.5 inches long amazing!

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